What are 2-3 of the most important ideas that you have studied during this course?

The ideas that stand out are:

  • The continued need to give higher level feedback in an online setting. I can anticipate that it would be easiest to give level one type feedback, as it would be the easiest to give in a text based form. It it important to give feedback that encourages the learner to reach higher than their current level.
  • The approach of aligning the assessments to the outcomes. If you are aiming for more than surface level understanding, then it is best to align the outcomes so they reflect that.

What are 2-3 questions that you have as a result of this course? Identify ways that you can begin to answer those questions.

  • How willing are learners to engage in Socratic based questioning when taking an online, self-paced course?
  • How does the asynchronous nature of online, self-paced courses influence the feedback process?

I intend to answer these questions by engaging the students I will have in Socratic type questions. I will reflect on the students responses and any evaluations I receive. I will also ask my fellow open learning faculty their experiences when giving feedback.

Identify 2-3 specific goals that you would like to achieve in light of what you have learned about cognitive presence, approaches to learning, and feedback;

  • I will evaluate if my open learning courses intend outcomes are matched by their actual evaluations and assessments within the next 6 months.
  • I will explore different ways to give feedback other than text in an online setting over the next 2 months.

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